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10 November 2014 @ 08:58 pm

Looking for my master list of downloads? I've cleared off my LJ so that the only entries here are downloads. I haven't used LiveJournal regularly now for about two years, so it seemed about time. If you're looking for me, I'm most active at my Tumblr or The Unofficial BBS, but I do still check my friends list from time to time.

Again, my master list of downloads is here.

I'll leave a mini master list of my Sims here, however, because I don't really consider them custom content:

Johnny Depp
Allistair from Dragon Age: Origins
Callum Sands
Reuban Carr
Holden & Venus Bebeess
Because I love it when things are consistent, I've spent the past few weeks updating all of my hairs so that they 1.) have unnecessary ages removed, 2.) grays linked to black, 3.) pipe bomb as the elder for Io's color family, and 3.) include Io's and Lilth's colors (for my older retextures, before I started including such). So it might be useful to redownload, if you'd like the cleaner/don't-clog-up-the-bins-as-much versions.

 photo Prev081713.png

hairCollapse )

eyesCollapse )

Crossing things off my Sims to-do list before I have to leave for school (Eep!). This is all of the CC that I've been storing up on my computer for the past couple of months. Enjoy some previews that aren't on a black background for once.
Download HairCollapse )

Download ClothingCollapse )

Download Default EyesCollapse )